January 11, 2010

Samsung Touts the 'Potential of bada'

Samsung says bada has potential in today's smartphone market

South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung announced not to long ago the launch of its own operating system aimed at mobile phones, namely bada, which is expected to arrive on a wide range of the company's handsets in 2010. The handset vendor already unveiled a series of details regarding the platform, and now some more details on it have been brought to light, in an attempt to demonstrate that this is an operating system which has the potential of attracting users on its side.

According to Samsung, it will pre-load bada mainly on a series of touchscreen-enabled mobile phones during the ongoing year. The company aims at releasing more touch phones in 2010 when compared to the number of such devices it launched last year, and it expects to see even higher sales volumes than it already did. Around 40 million of the total of more than 200 million handsets Samsung sold last year were touchscreen devices, and the company says that this shows that its “touch screen handset has come to meet the requirements of main stream consumers.”

What appeals most to users at a touchscreen device is the intuitive user interface, says Samsung, adding that this is the main area where the bada team focused. “We, the bada team, have focused on more innovative user interface, service oriented features and extensible core functions. We also have full support plans for developers such as the developer challenge, the developer’s day and the developer site, to win together. With bada’s specialized components and support system, developers can easily create values for customers and opportunities for themselves,” a recent post on the bada blog notes.

The smartphone market is getting more crowded each day, especially with popular operating systems out there being pre-loaded on more and more new handsets. When launched on the market, bada will face great competition from other touch-oriented platforms, such as Android, Windows Mobile or the Symbian OS. Even so, Samsung's position in the mobile industry, and the fast take up of touchscreen devices should offer bada a nice start base, and this is why Samsung says that “it is sure that bada devices will successfully make enough market size for the smartphone ecosystem.”



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