June 24, 2010

HP TouchSmart 600 Multi-Touch Tablet Launched

HP Touchsmart 600 300x283 HP TouchSmart 600 Multi Touch Tablet  Launched

HP has launched the TouchSmart 600 multi-touch tablet PC. The HP TouchSmart 600 runs Windows 7 Home Premium, has a 23 inch 1080p Full HD display and runs Intel Core 2 Duo Processors (or Core i3 and i5).

For connectivity it has WiFi built in as well as a BlueTooth connection.

To make use of the large screen as a TV, an optional TV card can be purchased with the TouchSmart 600 allowing you to tune in to TV channels as well as record them if needed.

Overall it appears to be quite an impressive package. With the added touchscreen it allows (in some cases) easier navigation around the PC and adds an extra layer of control.

Prices for the HP TouchSmart 600 start at £1000 for the basic model with the lowest RAM and processor and go up higher when you add the optional extras on. Full details can be found on the HP site.

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June 16, 2010

Horizon MiniPak Pocket-Sized Fuel Cell Charger

horizon fuel cell minipak 300x168 Horizon MiniPak Pocket Sized  Fuel Cell Charger

The Horizon MiniPak is a portable fuel-cell charger that can be used to power mobile phones and other similar devices while on the move.

The device costs $100 and provides enough power to keep devices charged. The unit accepts fuel cells and once inserted in to the charging unit, power is instant. The power generated it output through a standard USB port built in to the device and this USB port is used to connect devices such as an iPhone, BlackBerry and other devices including tablet.

With the device using fuel-cell technology the device can generate power as soon as the fuel cartridge is topped up or replaced. There is no need to wait around to use the charger as power is instant the moment fuel is inserted in the cartridge.

The MiniPak is capable of providing 1.5 to 2W of continuous power and the fuel cell's used can produce 12Wh of energy.

The MiniPak uses a combination of Horizon’s mass-produced PEM fuel cells and a new low-cost metal hydride storage solution, which is able to store hydrogen safely as a dry, non-toxic and non-pressurized material. The fuel cartridge contains a metallic sponge that is able to absorb hydrogen and turn it into a solid hydride. It is then able to release it back to the fuel cell when needed. The PEM fuel cell combines oxygen from the air with the stored hydrogen - electricity via its USB port and trace amounts of water vapor.

The Horizon MiniPak is available now with full details available over here on the official site.

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Robot Plays Pool and Pockets Shots

Pool Robot 300x199 Robot Plays Pool and Pockets Shots

Check out the PR2 robot that has been hacked to play pool. The "Poolshark" team who are working on the project have been busy for a week and have now managed to get the PR2 to pocket shots on the table. This includes long shots and awkward angle shots too.

To achieve this the team chose the PR2 robot and modified it to be able to hold the cue along with a special grip and bridge.

Cameras mounted on the robot are capable of capturing images which are fed to a computer to detect the edges of the table as well as the location of each ball on the table. By using software the team managed to program the robot and adjust the system so it is capable of playing a game of Pool.

A big thanks goes to Alon Altman for his open-source FastFiz billiards library. FastFiz is a physics and rules engine for billiards that the Poolshark team used to select which shots the PR2 should take. The Poolshark team has released its own code in the billiards stack.

Check out more details of the project in the video below, or visit Willowgarage for more details.
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June 8, 2010

Nokia N8 Photography Capabilities Demonstrated on Video

Nokia N8 Demo 300x212 Nokia N8 Photography Capabilities  Demonstrated on Video

Nokia [NOK] will be launching the Nokia N8 in August. The Nokia Conversations YouTube channel has a few videos uploaded with one of them detailing the Nokia N8 photo editing along with the video editing functions of the device.

The video shows a few examples of how to browse through photos and although not the most exciting of things to watch, it does move on to the video editing functions of the phone where transitions can be made between clips that have been combined together. The application actually looks very good and seems that with the mix of a high resolution camera and some nice transition features it could be a good selling point for the Nokia N8.

Check out the video to see how video editing works and what can be done with it...

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Notion Ink Adam Could Land Quarter 3

Notion Ink Adam prototype 300x188 Notion Ink Adam Could Land  Quarter 3

We've seen a number of tablets get announced and often delayed. Most of them don't look that good, but one that falls in to this "delayed" category is the Notion Ink Adam. The difference with the Adam is that it looks fantastic and is one we are waiting for.

However, recent rumours indicated that we might not actually see the Notion Ink Adam till almost the end of this year in November. Reasons cited for the delays this time around revolve around the investors who want the Notion Ink Adam to hit the market near Thanksgiving rather than earlier. The quote spotted on a few websites was actually quoted with a bit missing. SlashGear managed to get some details from the guys at Notion Ink to see what they had to say about it.

The November launch date is for a few countries rather than all countries although Notion Ink didn't indicate what regions would launch in November and which ones wouldn't. However, they did indicate that an update about a launch was coming soon. It does seem that a Q3 launch is still likely which SlashGear point out, gives Apple [AAPL] another quarter to get even further ahead in the game.

Hopefully we get information soon about the Notion Ink Adam as when things drag on so long, it's easy to move on and find something else newer.

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June 1, 2010

Apple iPad UK microSIM Adapter

The Apple iPad UK launch happened a few days ago and from what we hear, the iPad 3G models were the more popular of the two in terms of queue sizes in the London Apple store on Regent Street.

For those who want an iPad 3G in the UK but don't want to start up another subscription to the four big microSIM providers, those being Three, Orange, O2 and Vodafone, a handy microSIM adapter has been created that allows you to convert your microSIM back in to a regular SIM for use in a mobile phone.

The adapter is relatively cheap at €4.50 and has a regular size SIM card with a hole cut out for a microSIM to sit in. Of course when you get a microSIM in the UK you do get the full housing that can be used in a mobile phone although the microSIM punches out of the larger SIM making the larger part possibly unusable although if carefully held you might get the two back together and in to an iPhone.

From what we see on the adapter, it has sections in each corner of the cutout that prevent the microSIM from being pushed all the way through the adapter making it easier to use.

It's one option that does cost to buy, but can save you a month to month subscription cost if you only need 3G from time to time.
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Sony PSP GO Deals for June

Sony has introduced a few deals that start today for both the PSP-3000 model and the PSPgo systems. The first deal is a new Favourites software line where games cost $9.99. New games in the Favourite series include...

* Ape Escape: On the Loose
* Buzz! Master Quiz
* Hot Shots Golf Open Tee
* LocoRoco 2
* Patapon 2
* PixelJunk Monster Deluxe
* SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo
* Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow
* Twisted Metal: Head On

As well as the Favourite line of games another range has been created called the "Greatest Hits" collection. Games in this section include the following which are priced at $19.99.

* Gran Turismo
* LittleBigPlanet (PSP system)
* Resistance: Retribution
* Secret Agent Clank

Also a deal on the PSPgo is being made that will go on till next March 31 2011. When purchasing the PSPgo you'll get an email where you can use a voucher to get three games for free.

The full details of all the offers as well as a few other games coming soon to each new category can be found over at the PlayStation Blog.

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